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Cellular Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes using Mesenchymal Stem Cells

This phase 1 research study will take place at the Medical University of South Carolina located in Charleston, South Carolina. The study will evaluate stem cell therapy as an intervention for treating type 1 diabetes.


This trial aims to enroll participants with new onset type 1 diabetes within three months of their first dose of insulin. Participants will receive normal standard of care for diabetes in addition to this study.     

This study will obtain stem cells from umbilical cords at the time of delivery from healthy women who have been extensively screened for infectious diseases.  The cord will be processed, and cells produced. Participants will be randomized to either a treatment group (containing stem cells) or placebo group (no stem cells). The chance of being in either group is 50/50 - like a flip of a coin. The purpose of the placebo is to act as a control.  Once randomized, participants will then have a one-time infusion (an IV therapy) of their assigned group.

After infusion, patients will have five follow up visits of the course of one year.  These follow ups can be planned with the patient’s regular standard of care visits. 



This study is collaborative effort of the Department of Surgery and the Department of Medicine.


Trial Eligibility

Participants are eligible if:

·        18-30 years old

·        Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

·        First insulin dose within past 3 months

·        Ability to maintain diabetes care for one year at the Medical University of South Carolina            

         in Charleston, South Carolina


Currently Enrolling Participants





For more information, please contact us

(843) 792-2813

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